Few tips for UX Writing lovers #2

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2 min readFeb 9, 2022


Hello again! Today we’re bringing you more useful tips for those trying to grow their career as UX writers.

What to do to make the content more interesting and better absorbed by users? What are the ways you can improve your work? We answer these and other questions in this series, using our own day-to-day work experience.

Let’s start!

1. Go through your archives, write down your mistakes.

You may find it hard to read something you wrote some time ago. As you are continuously learning and developing as a writer, you may not like the old content you have created.

But that’s how you learn best — from your own mistakes. In other words, it’s worth returning to your previous work, reworking it for your own use, identifying and avoiding the same mistakes in the future.

Remember that you must be the best and strictest coach for yourself.

2. Put the most important information first.

Unfortunately, you have to accept that people do not read the entire paragraph or article. Instead, they scan the content of digital products. In order for them not to miss the most important information, you must always put it at the beginning — in a location they will not miss.

3. Summarize the sections.

It also makes it easier to scan the text. You should summarize any longer pieces of content you write at the end. Most people will only read the top and bottom of the text — it’s necessary to put sufficient information there. The details can be in the middle — if people wish to know more, they will read the entire text.

4. Follow WCAG guidelines.

WCAG is a list of rules for accessibility to all different kinds of internet content. When creating content, it’s rather necessary to follow them. Thanks to this, you will be able to create a space in which no one will feel excluded due to dysfunctions, disabilities, or other limitations.

We hope you will find these tips helpful in your daily work and skills development. Soon, another portion of knowledge, also from researchers and designers, will appear in this space. Follow our channel and stay tuned!



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